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worth every penny

by Robert wisowaty
there is so much good shit i ran out of paper for notes!

Just pure gold!

by Kurt Li Yen Pin

by Daniel Hall
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worth every penny

by Robert wisowaty
there is so much good shit i ran out of paper for notes!

Just pure gold!

by Kurt Li Yen Pin

by Daniel Hall

Inspiration & Knowledge

by Mark de Heide
I find that many of these conferences are a bunch of motivation and inspiration talks but no actual knowledge is shared. I'm glad to find this one is different. Some of the speakers inspire you, others share actual actionable knowledge for you to take the action you need. Apart from that, it's current since it was recorded this year. You Gotta Love Uncle G!

by WD Jara

Over promised over delivered

by Darren Teale
Worth more then 10x the asking price. Full of great advice awesome list of speakers each one delivering more then the cost of the program. replaying it and I am still taking pages of notes.

Wealth of knowledge

by Jean-Sébastien Calci
Like many I am sure, I started with the presenters that I knew of and they did not dissapoint. After completing viewing the whole content, I must say that people like Russel, Jammy and many more have gotten my attention more than I expected. I am really happy that I got the lifetime option, I will watch those presentation again and again!


Absolutely amazing speakers and content! I am looking forward to 2018


by Tristan Gaines
Love all of this content. Like no other!


by Felise Mataupu
Since listening to this for the past week and a half every single day. About 3 hours of content to and from work. My mindset has changed. I'm addicted to this. I have already developed two business ideas and transformed them which are already underway. Just phenomenal, damn you Grant for being so good. Sorry I meant to say GREAT!!!!!!!


by Luc vallieres
Blown away by the content, im not fully fluent in english but it's ben a Awesome experience. Thanks for everyting Luc Québec, Canada

AMAZING/One of a kind of a lifetime Conference

by Nisleydis Sierra
This was a truly 10X Growth Con, WOW... All I can say is this event changed my life forever, so much knowledge, power and growing ..(THANK YOU GRANT CARDONE) and I can't wait for 2018 10X Growth Con. P.S If you are looking for a transformation, opening, vision and/or guidance in any area of your life get access to 10X Growth Con 2017 and make sure to register for 2018.

10X where ever you are, wherever you go. Fantastic!

by Jesse Hall
Watch the material and level up instantly. Mastery can be achieved if you treat this like your new bible. Best investment following the actual conference and being there.