Mastering Objections
Mastering Objections

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by Tyler Wesolowski

by Anthony Grimaldi

by Laura Byers
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by Tyler Wesolowski

by Anthony Grimaldi

by Laura Byers

Uncle Grant - Master closer

by Navjot Brar
Hi Uncle Grant You are best closer in the world. Salute to living sales legend in the world. Best Regards Nav - Sales legend in process Following his great Uncle 🏃🏃🏃

by Scott Theaman

Amazing program

by Joshua Huesser

Love it

by Damian Lopez
Love it

by James Bailey


by Fadlo Aylabuni

by Danny Crum

by michael muwanguzi

Really helped

by Jeffrey Melendez
In just the second day of training, I was able to close a deal.

by Erik Morales
amazing stuff i really enjoyed learning every minute of it.

The program!

by Alex Dytko
Have watched it dozen times!

The Best Course for anybody - No Matter what sales skills or level your at.

by Michelle Pockrandt
I bought this after watching several of GC's free youtube content. I must say, this is very powerful content for $49. I love that the webinar includes not just one but, two E-books!!! I can't wait to find two other webinars for Closing the sale and Cold calling. I am in the process of starting my own Social Media Marketing and Digital agency. And I will need all the tips from these webinars to get me started on the right foot. Thank you GC and crew for everything you do!


by Mauro De Mello

love it

by Daniel Kasimow
the best

This and mastering the cold call are the best sales training courses in the entire world.

by troy st.cyr
Watch this and Mastering the Cold Call = Profit


by Pascal Zielosko
More then i though I gonna get

by Jason Wallace
Brilliant information from the master. Easy to follow and understand. I love how Grant does a no holds barred breakdown of the process. Much more to learn but a great place to start.

The missing link

by James G Springer
For most sales people mastering objections is a complete mystery in part, because they are never effectively taught how to move through them and get to the close. This program does just that in an easy to understand easily applied way. I particularly like the insight on the fact that most objections are actually excuses not real objections. I had never thought of it that way, but you are absolutely right. I enjoyed the program.

There will be that "AHA" moment where it all clicks

by Joshua Phillips
Review it, review it, review it again. Got stuck in a rut 22% close April, 2017, 17% first 3 weeks of May, 2017. Typically a 30-40 percent closer (with only 4 go to closes, pitiful). Added 6 more closes the last week of the month and closed $86,000 worth of deals just that week thanks to you. If you're not fired up after reviewing it the first time, Review it, review it, review it again and use it. It will click together. You will have your "AHA" moment. Much thanks to you and your entire team.

by Pablo Sada

Awesome Knowledge

by Hoti Eudon


by Aleksandar Petrov
I could've payed 10 times the price and would still be a great investment!

Huge Win For Me

by Jovan Banks
Without this course, it would have took way longer to figure this out for myself. This skill is a MUST to have not just for sales, but for everyday life and its working perfectly for me. Thank you for all you do GC.

Thanks GC

by Allan Bartlett
Great material.

off the hook..........?

by Letsooa Malebo

Uncle G seriously gives in abundance

by Povilas Jundulas
Just finished watching second video. I mean...I watched you on youtube for a while, so I knew it's going to be worth every penny, God! That stuff just blew my mind of! The level of passion and inspiration you give is just enormous. These two videos by themselves are worth more than those miserable 149 dollars. And there are so much more content left...for the same 149 bucks...I feel like I'm freakin' stealing!!! Seriously, Grant Cardone is the best thing I discovered in 2017. You gonna make me rich, sir. You gonna make me rich.

The best course on mastering objection IN THE WORLD !!!

by Patrik Dobos
I absolutely love this. I can handle ANY objection! You've got to see this !!! Thank you uncle G ! :)

by Miriam Perez

Spot on.

by victor verhage
Very complete, useful and very helpful.

Great content

by Micah Killingsworth
This is the type of stuff that can make dreams come true for anyone. Sell yourself or be sold for the rest of your life!!