Playbook To Millions

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Life changing.

by Miguel Perez

Thank you very much for this program.

by Mikołaj Brzuzy
Open up my mind for the success. Boom 10x Watch out world, I'm comming Be great.

by Martin Morris
Able to apply the material in any part of life.
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Life changing.

by Miguel Perez

Thank you very much for this program.

by Mikołaj Brzuzy
Open up my mind for the success. Boom 10x Watch out world, I'm comming Be great.

by Martin Morris
Able to apply the material in any part of life.

by First Last

by Charles Butler

by Lucas Princ

by Marcos Sierra

Playboof Info

by timothy sullivan
Awesome info and for the first time in my life I feel like there is hope to make it out of the middle class rat race.

Amazingly motivational WITH specific things to do right now.

by jordan kilpatrick
Strategy & Tactics combined. Money & Time well spent.

Uncle G will not TELL but SHOW you how to 10X your business

by john kleschick
There are a lot of decent and great programs on the market honestly. The problem is they never really give you a game plan or enough information to satisfy for need let alone answer every question you have. Grant Cardone goes above and beyond with delivering excellent world class information in a clear concise manner. If you want to LEARN how to build wealth LISTEN to Cardone. If you want to LEARN how to 10X your business LISTEN to Cardone. IF you want to be a lil bitch and make excuses don't listen to uncle G. This is a $189 product that will change your life by changing your thought process on what is financially possible. If you think this is to much money BUY IT NOW. I'm broke and In college trust me when I say Nothing is more satisfying than being in the black on your own finances! Thank you Uncle for putting together this amazing Program I cant wait to get more content from you.

Well worth it

by Jermey Rankin
This was a great investment of money. There is so much information included in these, no matter what price you pay it is worth way more in the content delivered. Grant Cardone is the man always delivers above and beyond.

After finish the playbook program

by Sarunyoo Chitcharoenwong
I'm on fire BABY!!!

by Zotico Reyes

by First Last

Thank You!

by Derrick Gutormson
Really beginning to see some changes in my life. I try t watch a few segments and then get out and practice it. Income is king baby.


by Muhammad Omair Khan
What an amazing tenure! Sea of information in one go. I loved each and every bit of it. This video can transform anyone!! Thank you Uncle G :)

I feel abundance

by First Last
Thank you Mr Grant Cardone finally something that makes me feel connected to achieving my goals in life...

Over-promised & Over-delivered Mr. 10X

by Sulav Thami
As you said in the Millionaire booklet, put your trust in those who have done it. I put my trust in you Grant as i am not in a position to trust myself. This whole deal cannot flip my present situation overnight (cannot happen to anyone as well) but i believe with 100% certainty that the worth of knowledge that it contains is priceless and will be worth of billion of dollars in the long run with true commitment. The data in the package were UNBELIEVABLE which i have never heard from anyone before. Real deal with 'HOW-TO' information and most importantly, overlooked simple facts presented in a way that shifted the way i looked and approached money. Thank you for your effort. Thank you for providing right direction & most of all, showing the POSSIBILITY of achieving so-called IMPOSSIBLE goals. #MrCardoneChangingLives

Play Book

by Charalambos Charalambous
Game changer and complete eye opener. Media brains washes us and we end up in what we thought was an acceptable unavoidable trance. CG has woken me up. All or nothing attitude now.

Grant Cardones Playbook

by Joseph Taylor
At 160$ it was a STEAL!! Best and most informative biz/sales training I've ever received, EVER!!! Thanks for pressuring on the close!!! I was driving to work listening to your podcast, and literally pulled over off the highway to buy this program! My sales and productivity has doubled in less than a month!! Thanks Unc!

Will blow your mind!

by Venancio Martins
I wish I was taught this stuff growing up. It has definitely impacted my way of thinking and my financial life for the better. I am privileged to have Grant Cardone as a mentor. My goal is to meet him one day and tell him that I earned my fist million with his guidance and advise.

Super fire

by Kailyn Crowe
I'm definitely duplicating all of it , thanks uncle G


by Josue Gomez
The number one thing I'm not taught in school is how to get super filthy rich!! How to win, grow bigger mindset & vision. This is the perfect program I've been looking for!

Life Changing

by Terrance Brookhart
Good afternoon, I am Terrance Broookhart. I would simply like to say that this program, like many others that Uncle G. has provided is absolutely astounding! I appreciate everything he's done for me and everyone he has reached out to help. I've been following his content for over 2 years and it has made a tremendous change in my life in creating my generational wealth mindset. And the actual wealth part too! Thank you everyone for everything you do, and thank you Uncle G! Kindest Regards, Terry

SO Much Bang For Your Buck!

by Joshua Wagoner
Hi, this is Josh and I just completed the Playbook to Millions. I have to admit that it exceeded my expectations and taught me many valuable lessons. Grant has a lot of charisma and is easy to listen to. Even though our personality types are somewhat different I felt comfortable and excited learning from an older man. Grant has taught me the value of extroversion and practicing fundamental business strategies like going to bed early, showing up early, writing a list of my goals before bed/in the morning. I would definitely like to meet Grant and come to a conference that he is running. The energy within this program is super high fidelity and will change lives for those who do the work. Grant has a solid support team who helped me with some customer service issues in a patient way even when I was convinced I was missing a refund for a duplicate product. I was relieved that they not only let me keep the wealth creation formula in a separate module, they also refunded my money. Great program and would love to shout out that this is the kind of entrepreneurial leadership we all hope to aspire to!

Awesome Knowledge

by Marc Weiss

Hesitant to invest at first...

by Jonathan Smith
I invested in this course without knowing much about Grant or his company. I am so glad I did. The content of this course is absolutely mind blowing. Grant Cardone is a man who genuinely cares about you, your family, and your success and conveys that in each lesson. He understands that true wealth isn't the size of your bank account, but rather the size of your rolodex and the number of people you've helped through this journey called life. Grant and his team have truly overdelivered in the creation of this course. Easily worth 10X the investment. If you're on the fence, please let my kind and strong words urge you to invest as I did. If I passed on this, it would have been a critical mistake. Invest now and explode your life. Thank you, Grant! Five Stars.

Absolutely Incredible

by Chuck Allen
The Playbook is just one more in a long line of amazing resources provided by Grant Cardone. I have gone from an inexperienced Sales Rep to a top producer in a very short period of time, and I give a lot of the credit to the lessons learned in this and many other Cardone programs. The investment made is paid back hundreds of times over.

The best course in my Life

by khalid jaafar
This is my first course I invest with Mr. Grant Cardone and it is absolutely worth it. If you are look for honest, straightforward, and simple advice on money, family, business and life this is the best course. I personally love it and give it five stars with no doubt and I will invest more in the future. Thanks a lot Mr. GC

Worth More than a Million Dollars

by Muhammad Talha
Playbook to Millions is worth more than a million dollars. Trust me on this!